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iPhone 13- Rumors and Speculations Explored

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Are you an iPhone lover who is waiting for the new iPhone 13? Are you excited to know about the features? If yes, then in the post, we will reveal some rumors associated with the upcoming iPhone 13!

Let’s face it- iPhone lovers always wait for the new iPhone series to hit the market. With a diverse fanbase, Apple always comes with some extraordinary features that separate from the rest. After the launch of the iPhone 12, the next target of Apple Inc is iPhone 13. Although with every release, speculations are always there, only a few are true.

So what are the rumors about iPhone 13? What Apple leakers have to say about it?

What are the Rumors?

Max Weinbach, a well-known leaker, and Appleinsider always talk about the speculations and rumors with every iPhone series release. Through a YouTube channel, he has also shared information about the iPhone 12, out of which only some speculations were true. Once again, Weinbach came up with a rumor about the iPhone 13.

According to Weinbach’s report, the new iPhone series will come with small design tweaks and features like an always-on display similar to the Apple Watch feature and more.

The video also mentioned that there would be very few changes in the overall design of the iPhone 13. For instance, the sources said that the pro’s matte back would be refined and textured to provide users a firmer grip.


Always-on Display

Always on-display is generally available in most flagship Android phones. It will allow users to see information at all times on their screen without unlocking or power on the device. The leaker also claims that the always-on screen will look like a ‘toned down lock screen.’ It means the design will look very much like a toned-down lock screen and the battery charge and clock is always visible.

On the other hand, the notifications that users will receive will pop up normally without lighting up the screen entirely. In simple words, it will display the same way it is working now, but the only difference is dim light.

120 Hz ProMotion display technology

The AppleInsider and leaker also confirm that the new iPhone 13 will have the same high refresh rate 120 Hz ProMotion display technology similar to iPad Pro and 2021 Pro iPhone models. Moreover, the brand will also use new LTPO technology to always display the iPhone 13 Pro.

The leaker Weinbach explains that the always on-display will have minimal to no customizability. The only potential change in the hardware will be a matter back with a gripper that gives a more comfortable feeling, just like finishing on the back of the Google Pixel series.

An automatic astrophotography mode

Weinbach’s report also mentioned that the Magsafe magnet array would be getting stronger, which was criticized in iPhone 12. When it comes to cameras, the leaker reports that Apple is increasing efforts in an automatic astrophotography mode. It allows the iPhone to switch to the modem automatically when it registers a user pointing to the sky. 

In fact, there are also some rumors of Apple Watch Series 7, that this year, the glucose monitor will also not be ready.

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