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Artificial intelligence can influence human decision-making, new Data61 study reveals

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We cannot deny that technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) have changed the way we used to live our lives. Every day new technologies make us stunned, and it’s hard to believe that such things actually happened.

In fact, a few years from now, we have not even thought of an app that can help us find a way (navigation), or we can pay online (e-payments), or even thought of opening a phone with face recognition was next to impossible. But thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for so many amazing discoveries that sometimes seem beyond human capabilities.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization’s (CSIRO) experts also came up with something hard to believe study. According to a new study by CSIRO Data61 partnership with the Australian National University and researchers from Germany, now AI can influence decision making.

It might be surprising for many but the study reveals it after precise analysis.

So, before we read about this latest news, let us have a quick look at Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence- An Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) basically replicates the cognitive functions of human beings. In simple terms, it is a machine learning ability to learn and solve issues. In computer science, these are called bots or intelligent agents. As AI has been growing at a rapid pace, it enables many businesses and people to achieve something beyond imagination.

Artificial Intelligence undoubtedly has seen a tremendous growth and is growing continuously. It eliminates the repetitive tasks of the business, focusing on solving critical and unique problems. While AI is a wider term used for encapsulating different sub-domains, Machine learning is one of them.

Three Experiments in the Study

The study conducted by Amir Dezfouli, the CSIRO scientist, involves three experiments based on the games played between computers and humans.

In the first two experiments, participants were asked to click on the blue or red-colored boxes in order to win duplicate currencies. In the third experiment, two options were provided to them to invest in the fake currency. Here investors were participants, and the trustee was AI. As the games continue, AI analyzes the choice patterns of the participants and guides them towards particular choices.

This research gives a clear idea of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) understands the mindset of people. This study also clarifies that it enables us to mitigate our vulnerabilities to make our choices carefully without misusing Artificial Intelligence.

The expert also clarifies in the study that Artificial Intelligence could easily influence humans’ decision-making by exploiting the vulnerabilities of the habit and pattern of the individual. This knowledge is quite valuable as it helps to know the vulnerabilities, detecting the misuse of Artificial Intelligence.

Australian experts have undoubtedly warned that as the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence is real, it actually needs well-regulated and responsible development.

According to Amir Dezfouli, AI and machines can be trained to influence human decisions and the social vulnerabilities they might have when making decisions. He also states that as the study is theoretical, the outcomes show the need for proper data governance and the involving technologies in AI development and use.

If you want to know more about the latest updates and News on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, stay tuned!


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