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Google Changing Android TV from March 2021, supporting a New User Interface

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Google has recently announced that it is revamping its Android TV user interface, making it more like the Chromecast’s Google TV. 

This is certainly the next big thing that will replace the current mainstream Google TV. Earlier, this UI has been relatively simple, with a row of apps highlighting various streaming services and content. When comparing it with Fire TV UI on the Amazon Fire TV stick or PatchWall on Xiaomi TVs, Android TV’s UI was quite basic. To make it more user-friendly, aesthetic appealing, and customer-centric, Google decided to work on its design. 

Android TV is an operating system built by Google for setup boxes, soundbars, media sticks, and smart TVs that made its entry into the world in June 2014. This OS is a successor of Google TV, which features a user interference design around voice search, content discovery, and other media services and apps. 

The new interface overhaul of Android TV is starting from February 4 2021 and will be completed on March 2021. Although it might seem pretty much like Google TV, distinctions will still be there. 

According to the latest update rolled by the search engine giant Google, there will be no change to the current operating system. Rather, they will introduce a brand-new User Interface to Android TV to bring it more in line with the new Chromecast. 

What is in the New UI?

Google said that this much needed Android TV interface redesign would update three new tabs: Apps, Discover, and Home. So, when you switch on your Android TV devices, you will see these three minimalist tabs on the top of the menu.

The Home tab shows what your Android TV offers. Basically, it will show the sponsored row like the Favourite app on the top and Play Next on the bottom. From these sections, you will have rows packed with content from apps installed on your Android TV.

The new Discover tab will bring the most sought-after feature of Google’s TV to older Android devices. It seems more like the ‘For You’ tab on the new Chromecast and will compile personalized suggestions for TV shows, live TV, and movies based on your preferences and trends on Google. 

Finally, the app tab shows all the apps you have installed on your Android TV. It also provides you with a Google play store link where you can install more apps or update the existing ones. 

The new Home tab will replace the current User Interface rows. It arranges the content tiles in different sections, giving a new Netflix-like home screen. 

The Execution

According to Google, this updated user interface will be rolling out soon in many countries like the USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, and more. The search engine giant stated that it would be rolled out in other countries in a few weeks. 

Although it is not the complete upgrade of the Google TV, the new user interface has just an aesthetic of Google TV. There will be no major change in functionality. However, it is still not clear if the user will receive new app recommendations on screen. 


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